Création : 2011

Secteur : Urbanism

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About us

At Intencité we love commerce, all commerces : large or small, downtown or shopping centre, itinerant, fairground, ephemeral, exploratory, from the remodelling of a few cells to the animation of a slab and the creation of a neighbourhood. At Intencité, we think of stores, just stores, but at the forefront.

The Intencité team brings together seven experts from all fields: urban planning, signage, geomarketing, geography, social sciences, architecture, urban programming. We already have 7 years of commercial urban planning and 350 missions to our credit, from the programming study to the implementation of projects, in France and in some conquering destinations.

Our credo is that business changes at the speed that the world changes, brands innovate, brands stand out, marketing crosses digital, there are lots of ideas in the air, everywhere in the world. At Intencité, we do a “360°” monitoring. We identify places with a strong identity, rooted in the history of their city or neighbourhood, that mix experiences and bring people together. They attract the best talent, stimulate everyone’s imagination and energize our territories.

We remain convinced that the number of visitors to traditional shops is slowly but surely declining. How to get back to the real life commerce? Because what drives commerce is people. Investors who create shops, elected officials who promote them, creators of brands and concepts that drive them and consumers who adopt them.

Our recipe is based on experience. We will listen to you, the shopkeepers, the inhabitants, the elected officials, discover your city, your territory, your project, learn and, between the trend and your history, invent your commerce. It is a commerce that resembles you and differentiates you.