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Création : 2015

Secteur : Artificial Intelligence

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About us

Cypheme is an innovative software company that develops counterfeit detection technologies. Created by French and Chinese engineers in the Silicon Valley, Cypheme is based in France, Paris and China in Shenzhen. Our artificial intelligence is able to detect a counterfeit product by analyzing the microstructure of its packaging with a simple smartphone camera.

Counterfeiting is a massive problem that costs more than $600 billion a year. Absolutely all sectors are affected, including very sensitive products, such as medicines, milk powder, car parts, replaced by often dangerous, sometimes fatal substitute products. In some parts of the world, it is simply impossible to buy products safely. The human toll is catastrophic. Counterfeiting kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, more than malaria.

The more the market is overwhelmed by counterfeiting, the less consumers want to buy the real products, because when they see the poor quality of a counterfeit product, the brand’s real products lose all credibility. Our technology can change the game.

Cypheme works without “QR code”, without “RFID chip” and does not require any specific verification tools. Consumers can directly check the authenticity of products with their own smartphones.